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Ferdi also discusses how you can create icons inside the Illustrator and Illustrator environments, add some characteristic shadows from material design, interface design, typography, and much more.

sketch 3 tutorials

These video series provides you with lots of insight about Sketch 3

21. Sketch 3 Tutorials by LevelUpTuts

Are you currently entertaining the thought of switching to Sketch and abandon Illustrator permanently? Well, you surely need to visit the 33 video lessons by LevelUpTuts. Undoubtedly, this is actually the most satisfactory and comprehensive tutorial for designers who wish to have a new path in web designing.

These number of video lessons can get you to understand Sketch, understand Artboards, pages, styling shapes, grids and layouts, alignment and distribution, shapes in Sketch 3, creating and taking advantage of symbols, iOS and style UI tools, foundation 5 UI package, bootstrap 3 UI package, installing and taking advantage of plugins, dynamic buttons, shortcuts, creating GIFs, and much more.

Web Designer
Web Designer

bridging the space

Andrew Mottaz discusses if Agile works with modern UX

22. UXPA Lean UX Bridging the space between UX and Developers by Andrew MottazIs Agile suitable for Modern UX? Andrew Mottaz, CTO and Founder at Site9, Corporation. solutions this and discusses lean UX, shared understanding, shared understanding tales of user encounters, how you can create shared understanding, illustration of user testing, and much more within this SlideShare.23. Love Within an Elevator – UX as Business Strategy by Stephen Collins

The main focus of the subject is the requirement for UX practitioners to think about and deliver UX messages when it comes to user strategy and business. This tutorial also discusses some social networking topics, for example community building, collaboration, and much more.

Design UX that touches the feelings to win their loyalty

Design UX that touches the feelings to win their loyalty

24. Win User Loyalty by Targeting Logic and Feelings by Mike Donahue

This originated from Mike Donahue’s talk in the UXPA2014 Conference locked in London, that was attended by probably the most brilliant minds in the market.