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Obviously, one more reason why submissions are so difficult to find is poor layout.

How about all individuals websites that think they ought to include all their content, and more around the primary page of the site?

How about including plenty of flashy banners everywhere?


How about sticking all of the navigation menus within the last place anybody will probably look?

OK, a few of these statements might be exaggerations, but I know everyone know of websites that did many of these things and worse. Again, this really is using the ‘content it king’ factor a couple of steps too much – you need to really place it all in it’s appropriate place – I believe lots of news sites try to shove all of the content around the first page simply because they think that’s the only real place we’d ever possibly look.

If situations are nicely organized, we won’t buy this problem!

Web App Developer
Web App Developer


Employ a designer (such as the people studying this short article)!

Simply because some poorly organized sites succeed, doesn’t mean you should attempt and follow their trend. They succeed despite poor design and poor layout, not correctly. Additionally, it ensures they are weaker to missing out to more functional designs later on.

Don’t pay attention to clients once they let you know to behave that you simply know doesn’t work, and employ usability testing to demonstrate your point – the outcomes can’t lie, and they’ve absolutely nothing to argue with.Individuals are generally pretty acquainted with menu navigation,but..:

How about sites in which you communicate with different menus diversely?

How about sites in which the menus have the ability to obscure titles?

How about sites in which the menu structure is simply plain crazy?

That’s not to consider ‘contact us’ within the Personal Finance section.How about sites where you’ve just got no clue what you’re intended to be doing, or perhaps what you could communicate with? Lots of flash sites fall under this trap