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Website Designer in Singapore

Website Designer in Singapore

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It’s a known proven fact that the size of video consumption has witnessed a stable rise all through the worldwide economy. Using video streaming software has particularly revolutionized the commercial, educational as well as personal facets of communication. Actually, live video streaming makes it feasible for us to translate our imagination into reality. Whether it is watching an active event, attending a company meeting or just being gift for your kid’s birthday celebration- Things are possible having a single tap in your iPhone or Android device, even when you’re stuck in certain remote corner around the globe. Such may be the transmission of smart technology in the current date.

To consider this concept one stage further, there is a strong have to create a platform that sets a benchmark when it comes to delivering enhanced videos towards the finish users. The possibilities within this segment are immense plus they offer great scope to monetize this concept. Well, good factor there’s an application for everything nowadays!

Website Designer in Singapore
Website Designer in Singapore

Today, smartphones have almost become like small-Televisions with bigger screens and-definition resolution displays. High quality phone features make viewing videos an attractive experience for users by getting in beauty, clearness and precision altogether. It has given a lift towards the trend of watching videos on the telephone. As mentioned by Forbes, around 53% of mobile traffic was related to mobile video in 2014 and it is likely to rise further to just about 69% by 2018. This may come as no real surprise as the amount of active mobile users went up tremendously. Actually, ‘cisco’ foresees an enormous increase in the amount of mobile users from 4.1 billion in 2013 to 4.9 billion by 2018 as emerging markets start attracting new consumers online.

To understand more about this segment of video streaming, many live video streaming platforms emerged. While there are lots of options like DaCast, livestream, Ustream, Bambuser, Showcaster to service this growing interest in video streaming, Kaltura transpires with offer an array of features to the users.

At any given time where prices and reliability behave as the dual metrics of figuring out a consumer’s/client’s preference for purchasing something, Kaltura is rapidly growing to be a significant competitor among another video streaming platforms. It has received a picture to be an obvious leader within the OTT TV (Outrageous TV), OVP (Movie Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets.