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Why? An application may be prepared to hit 1000 downloads but finish in 10000 which turns into a problem, problem of scalability. Scalability may become an issue in the server finish assuming the user’s rise in an unpredicted pattern. Our servers replicate themselves to regulate more users to the application and depend on load balancers which apparently accepts exponential new users without any effect on the application itself. This ultimately triggers the n quantity of users within an application and accepts them with no default in the technical finish. We should also put our focus to the way we are protective from the information our users share on such platforms. Social apps provide two such platforms that are networking and communicating. With these platforms, the data shared is gigantic however the very social networking continues to be existing since 70’s which provides us certain comfort that user privacy continues to be taken proper care of. Our users are ensured their information is safe through data encryptions.

Web Design Melbourne
Web Design Melbourne

These encryptions save user’s data from getting circulated in wrong hands and keeps the of user privacy intact. What’s rather interesting these encryptions are structured inside a certain manner where they prioritize more sensitive information(for example Passwords) right into a different category and secure all of them with a differentiation of greater difficulty to hack. Social networking also suffers via a problem of media transfer which users might not always understand but is really a major drawback for application developers. For the similar high compression formats are utilized which compresses the files and makes data discussing simpler. You’ve now learned why Whatsapp compresses its images and audios, it’s for that user value addition itself.

What exactly are we doing about this?

The growing use and integration of social networking into our way of life has initiated an endless market demand where growth and improvement is exponential. Within the number of racing with each other for that very exponential growth, apps are losing quality over competition.