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It is the need for responsive designs. Survey implies that approximately 65% people don’t wait in excess of 5-7 seconds for any page to load when browsing on Cell Phone, tablet etc. It might be our duty to help keep things simple to ensure that Consumer Experience doesn’t get effected for slow internet too.

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

It plays a large factor. Eliminate excessive elements, not just for the consumer experience, but in addition for website’s speed. An internet site considered lower by a lot of elements won’t be enjoyable to make use of or to check out.

To Hamburger or otherwise to Hamburger

This is an essential but many difficult part. It sometimes becomes very irritating for users to enter menu to navigate to some specific page. User wants primary navigation ought to be accessible constantly. So we must design cleverly to recognize which links we have to show or which products we are able to retain in menu. Additionally, it is determined by the company requirement.

Mobile Game Developer
Mobile Game Developer

For instance: As designing for any fashion brand that is surving to any or all age bracket. We ought to atleast show the main sections (Men, Women, Kid etc.) on primary screens. Further drill lower of navigation could be arranged in menu.

Allow It To Be Readable

Don’t help make your users squint to see or pinch-to-zoom. Help make your text size big enough to see from the smaller sized screen. Suggested text size for mobile phone are 16 px, 1 em, or 12 pt. We

Make use of the Right Button Size

Mostly smartphones are touch based. We have to have a standard size for doing things products. Based on Mobile designs guidelines you ought to design action products minimum for 44 x 44 px for comfortable tapping. Also its recommended to make use of a minimum of 8px gap between two action products to prevent any type of overlapping on tap.

The perception of Screen Orientation

Statistically, landscape orientation wins over portrait orientation 59% to 41%.